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Mastering an effortless style

By cj World News US

For the man trying to master an effortless style; this is achieved by understanding style and then creating a sense that you don’t actually pay much attention to the way you dress. My advice is don’t chase the whimsical winds of fashion. Develop your own sense of style by balancing the smart and casual aspects of your dress, mixing required formal wear with pieces of work, casual or less formal wear. You’re not just about color and textures, you’re mostly about comfort and function. You develop a carefree yet elegant style, often steering away from the latest trends in favor of traditional clothes; mixing casual accessories with formal or formal accessories with casual.  With a little practice you too can develop a simple yet individual style; using timeless garments creatively to develop a style unique to you. If done right the men around you will comment and borrow your style, the women will notice you; there are few thing more stimulating or appealing to a women then a man with style. Finally, the most important factor in determining your personal style is how do you want to appear to others. Paul Newman and JFK are two of the best examples of men; “Masters of an effortless style”. Their casual style was often perfectly executed, but still appeared spur of the moment.

Photo’s Paul Newman and JFK

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