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Lose 3 inches off your stomach…fast.

by cj World News US

Drink a tablespoonful of pure apple cider vinegar each day; this will help accelerate your fat burning.

Increase your metabolism by exercising or walking on a treadmill 30-40 minutes a day, 5-6 times a week. This will make you sweat, help you lose fat and inches off your waist. The reason I advocate a treadmill is because you control your exercise environment and it’s private. You don’t have to worry about the heat, rain, snow, twisting your ankle or nosy neighbors. You also control the speed and distance. You can watch TV, listen to music or just fantasize about how good you will feel after losing those 3 inches. The treadmill gives you consistency and takes away the excuses not to exercise. Walking at 3 miles per hour for an hour, burns 350+ calories and 85% of that weight loss is fat. Walking is also recommended by most doctors regardless of your weight or health conditions.

Another fat loss strategy that is extremely effective to help you lose inches off your stomach is drinking lots of water. This is a simple action we often write off because it’s so easy. Water is critical and key if you’re looking for a fast way to lose 3 inches off your stomach, it helps with fluid retention and because you have a full feeling after drinking lots of water you’ll eat less.

The average drink has 93 calories…every time you replace a drink, with a glass of water you cut calories. You do the math. Many drinks use large amounts of sugar, cutting sugar from your diet is also critical to your weight loss and health.

To summarize…. the fastest way to lose 3 inches off your stomach is to drink lots of water, take a tablespoonful of pure apple cider vinegar each day, use less sugar as part of your diet and walk or exercise regularly. The great news is if you lose 3 inches off your stomach you will have lost 20-30 lbs and you will feel like a new person. Trust me everyone that knows you will notice and compliment you. What’s most important is that you will look and feel better; your health will have improved in every way.

The good news is if you stick to this strategy you will lose the 3 inches and 20 lbs or more in a couple of months. I have researched this subject extensively, 100’s of weight loss systems, so much confusion and money being spent and yet this is the easiest, most inexpensive way that I have found to lose weight, stay healthy and still eat the foods you like.

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