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Putin “It’s not a bluff, you can trust me.”

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Vladimir Putin


Putin claims to have all these advanced super weapons; the cruise missile with a nuclear engine, as well as the publicly known RS-28 Sarmatinter continental ballistic missile (ICBM), the previously unacknowledged nuclear-tipped Avangard hyper-sonic boost-glide vehicle and Kanyon or Status-6 nuclear-armed unmanned undersea vehicle, a possibly dual-purpose nuclear and conventional air-launched hyper-sonic cruise missile called Kinzhal, and a short-range directed-energy system visually similar to the U.S. Navy’s own AN/SEQ-3 Laser Weapon System. Putin also claims he is building the most advanced aircraft carrier,  a new advanced submarine, new advanced stealth fighters and bombers, the most advanced tanks, the S-300, S-400, S-500, S-600 and S-700 missile defense system, Putin claims the S700 could shut down all air traffic in the world.

Russia’s economy can’t sustain the development of these various advanced weapon systems, Putin’s ambitious military plans will take 25 years or more. He faces continued sanctions, the global price of oil already forced the country to make significant cuts to defense spending in 2017. The fact is that Russia spends 60-70 billion a year on it’s defense budget and it is estimated that it would cost 5 trillion dollars to research, build, maintain and deploy all of these weapon systems.

Putin recently stated in reference to all his super weapons “It’s not a bluff, you can trust me.” It remains to be seen just how far Russia proceeds with the various projects. It’s reasonable to be more than skeptical that Russia has the resources, knowledge, advancements, money and ability to follow through with its plans. Russia used to be secretive about it’s military advancements and weapons but now they reveal everything on a regular basis. Putin should definitely be credited for his “gift of gab” and acting abilities, maybe he’s in the wrong line of work. Seriously look at the man and study his past, should anyone trust him or anything he says?




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North Korea summit could be delayed

Excerpt: ‘The Guardian’ on North Korea

Donald Trump said there was a “very substantial chance” that his summit next month with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, could be postponed.

Trump raised doubts over the timing of the summit, due in Singapore on 12 June, at a White House meeting with the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in.

“We’re moving along. We’ll see what happens,” Trump told reporters. “There are certain conditions we want to happen. I think we’ll get those conditions. And if we don’t, we won’t have the meeting.”

Trump did not specify the conditions the US was setting for the meeting. Read More


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BAM: “By All Means”

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story by cj
World News US

The “BAM” movement represents all the economically disadvantaged people or groups in the world. We believe that economic disadvantaged people regardless of race, color, religion or nationality should unite in a revolution…a movement. Governments of the world have shown by their actions that they represent big money, businesses and their own self interests and that they are willing to disregard the best interests of the average citizen. The people regardless whether they are Black, Spanish, Chinese, Indian, Jewish, Russian or White are all equally mistreated and face prejudices and injustices of all kinds during their lifetime. This revolution is about the disadvantaged, socially-conscious and fair-minded individuals everywhere in the world who are sworn to forever represent, unity, equality and empowerment for all persons or groups “BY ANY MEANS” (BAM).

This is a grassroots movement started in the United States in April 2018. We will start by defining and addressing american issues. the BAM movement is about uniting all economically disadvantaged minorities into one minority group. We believe that we represent 90 to 110 million Americans, we believe that if we were to unite as a group we would have the power to enact any law and elect any individual to any office. We understand that many issues are complicated, but we also understand that politicians and government intentionally create fear and make things complicated; in an attempt to scare, divide, confuse and distribute disinformation. We will define and address the basic issues in a way that 8th graders can understand. The Obama Health Care Bill had more than 20,000 pages; a few pages could have defined the major changes to the health care system and the “Health Bill”.

The first item to be addressed by BAM is wages. The minimum wage is the number one way that the rich steal from the worker, the number one way that the rich get richer and the number one reason for disproportional wealth and so much poverty in america. The united states government is the facilitator of all this disparity. We will eliminate the term “Minimum Wage” and replace it with the term “Fair Wage”. We believe that a “Fair Wage” should be a constitutional right for every individual, but we are not fools; if it becomes impossible to make a change to the constitution at this time, we will accept making “Fair Wage” Federal law. WE define a Fair Wage in April 2018, as the $15.00 hourly wage that Seattle and California have enacted; we believe this wage to be a fair definition of a “Fair Wage” at this time. This fair wage would apply to every american, no exclusion for fruit picked, bellhops or servers, “0” exclusion regardless of the job.

Some say “This will ruin the economy and the country”, it hasn’t, it won’t and who cares, quit your job and work for $7.25 (the currant min wage) an hour for a year and then give me your opinion. Even better become a server and work for $2.25 an hour and see how you feel after a year. Servers work under a law enacted in 1933 to help save the mom and pop restaurant during the depression, here we are in 2018 and they are still working under this unfair law. Talk about cheating american workers and showing a disregard for four million working Americans and their families. This is unacceptable and abusive even by Chinese or Russian standards.

Check out this site for official information:  According to the National Employment Law Project, 42.4 percent of American workers currently make less than $15 an hour. There are around 1.4 million janitors and cleaners who earn below that mark, 1.2 million drivers, 1 million secretaries and administrative assistants, and 699,000 child care workers. Notice that 4 million servers the larges group are not included in these numbers, not included in the 42.2 percent of american working under $15 an hour. Dept of labor estimates the us work force to be approx 160,000,000, these numbers do not include 20,000.000 others workers; to include illegals, workers working off the books, crop pickers and many working on the internet.




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Palin video…this is the crap being fed Americans.

Where were the hard hittting questions by the Media?

The only remark that Palin made that had any substance was her referencing that the US is Bankrupt.

No Sara; going back to the constitution is’t going to help us out of this mess; a mess that was created by greed and immoral politicians, the rich and corporations…certainly you have something more substitutive; tell us that your not risking the future of this nation on a history lesson.

Certainly anyone with an ounce of honesty, integrity, fairness or compassion would conclude that before we cut any social programs to the poorest and neediest Americans, we should repeal the Bush tax break to the rich. We would see approx a trillion dollars additional revenue in the next 10 years. Palin blames the poor for the condition of the country. Sure Sara lets continue the 30 year practice of trickle down economics…just look around you can see how well that’s worked.

The income for the rich has climbed far more rapidly, and the gap between rich and poor has widened significantly in the past 30 years. (source; Wall St Journal)

Lets stop pandering to groups and state the facts; for 50% of Americans their are no “good jobs”, the inner cities have massive unemployment of all races, the working poor don’t earn a fair minimum wage, for example 1,000’s of waitresses in this country don’t even make a minimum wage (because of an old antiquated law established in 1933) many make only $4 an hour in 2011. If your the new kind of politician that’s come to save the country Sara; then why not address these substitutive issues and others; why isn’t the press asking these questions?

The New York Times reported recently that the average family in America with an income of $10 million or more received a half-million-dollar tax cut from the Bush tax break to the rich, while the middle class got less than $100 off their tax bill. (source; The American)

Both parties are now proposing a long term trillion dollar cut of many social programs. The same programs that benefit the neediest and poorest Americans; the children, the sick, the elderly, poor and the working poor. The amount they propose taking from the most disadvantaged Americans is Approximately the same amount of revenue that repealing the Bush “Tax Bill “would bring into the national treasury. We pass laws that allow loopholes for a corporation like GE to make 10′s of billions of dollars and pay no taxes; we rob the poor; cut social programs so that GE and the rich can get richer. How sick is this, don’t we have even a tiny bit of decency or morality left? Sara lets talk about this, lets talk about what is really destroying this country.

Notice the patriotic wrist band on Sara? Real patriotism would be for all the Politicians to start doing what’s right for the county and it’s citizen’s. Today’s politicians would more accurately fit the definition of traitor, rather then patriot.

Democracy implies that you have a choice; if neither party is willing to act on behave of the interests of its citizens; there is no real democracy.

The truth is, neither party is addressing the real issues or the needs of the people.

We want to thank Fox News for this hard hitting Palin video interview; Gretta; stop asking such hard hitting questions…you could break a finger nail if you’re not careful.


World News US – Ask the World; then tell it the way it really is

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