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Best Franchises for 2018


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10 Ways To Acquire Quality Followers on Twitter

Let’s first define a quality twitter follower:

  • They follows back
  • They engages and participate
  • They have a full bios.
  • They are a positive influence

Here are the 10 ways to find and keep quality followers on twitter…

  1. Use people’s first name when direct messaging; don’t use automatic direct messages.
  2. Get to know people before you talk about money or personal matters.
  3. Don’t just promote yourself; promote others that promote you.
  4. Be helpful and answer questions.
  5. Contact by phone or meet face to face to build even stronger relationships.
  6. Treat tweeters as if you were meeting them in person; be friendly, genuine and use humor.
  7. Provide informative and relevant links
  8. Acknowledge other people’s successes and accomplishments.
  9. Follow people who have a common interest and those your followers follow.
  10. Be sociable, don’t complain or get angry.


If you are using twitter, facebook or any other social network, for network marketing or other business purposes, it is important that you study, understand and then apply these practices. Be friendly, genuine, use real-life common sense and humor to build your network eminence. These strategies, when practiced, will dramatically increase your chances of succeeding and becoming wealthy.

Contributing article by cj almeida

World News US


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How To Create A Blog To Make Money…Guaranteed!

Are you motivated by an incentive to build a thriving business that you own and you are totally attracted to the idea of working on the internet full time and making money with blogs?

Are you frustrated in your current job that takes a lot of your time for very little wages and low growth opportunities. Worried that your current salary does not pay your bills and you are looking for a drastic solution to increase your income for peace of mind?

You’re ambitious and creative with skills to build a source of income that is entirely up to you? Are you interested in discovering the world of “blogs” and the opportunity to share your passions with other people in this world?

If you find yourself answering ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions listed above, here’s how to get started. Leave a comment and your email here and I will send you the information that will turn you into a professional blogger where you can create an excellent income per month which you can build into a 6 figure income within 2 years.

This guide will show you exactly how to build a blog based business from nothing and build your first profit in a few weeks. The sytem will guide you step by step to show you how to build a professional blog from A to Z to do the following:

Optimizing your search keywords for easy reference of your pages in Google search.

The choice of your domain name and hosting to set up your blog to maximize your revenue.

Learning the WordPress interface and easily create professional quality content to convert your visitors into regular customers.

Best ways to monetize your blog.

The use of video to attract maximum traffic to your articles.

Create your own product to sell directly on your blog.

If you’re ready to build a thriving business that will belong to you entirely, start your blog today; an exciting adventure that can change your life awaits you.

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NBC BUSINESS CLUB announces its pre-launch!

The NBC Business Club announced that it will launch a new concept web business site. We are now starting our pre-launch membership drive phase says Jackie Reitz, one of the NBC Business Club’s co-founders.

Our goal is to have a minimum of 20,000 members before launch. 

Why should you join the NBC Business Club? After years of market research it is our conclusion that there has to be a better way to make money on the internet. In keeping with the philosophy of why the wealthy succeed we have come up with many exciting new idea’s that should revolutionize how business is done on the internet. Here are some of the key parts of this new business opportunity:

1. Club membership is Free.
2. All the basic money making opportunities will require no investment, members can make money without investing any money, this gives inexperienced, low income or skeptical members the opportunity to make money then invest the money they make in better opportunities.
3. In addition to making money the members will own 50% of the Business Club.
5. Every time a member makes money for him or herself they make money for the club, because they own a 50% interest in the club they are always building value for themselves.
6. The club will save its members money, time and energy by having a three step business evaluation process. Brainstorm idea’s and opportunities, test the best ones and only then made them available to its members for action. Brainstorm, test and action makes it possible for club members to make money and succeed without having any skills, experience or knowledge of the internet, this means anyone can do it.
7. The club will expand into many streams of income. We will develop our own affiliates, web sites, stores and be involved in multiple partnerships to grow club opportunity, revenue and value states Jackie Reitz
8. We have eliminated the need for networking at the Business Club, the club is one big network and all members are part of that network.
9. Training and mentoring will be a big part of the club, to succeed you need to surround yourself with like minded people and that’s what we are doing. Our main focus is making our members money and building value for their club.
10. In many cases the poorest and least experienced club member will have the same value as the smartest most successful club member. Once the members understand this concept they will understand the secret that guarantees their success and the the success of their web club business. For example: if 10,000 club members join a site that pays $2 for each new registration, each member has an equal value. If 10,000 members click a page that pays an advertising fee each member contributes equally, etc.
11. You must understand your value on the internet to understand how some are getting rich and your not. a. they wants your email this gives them the right to email you for the rest of your life and make money. b. they sell, rent or allow the use of these lists and that makes them money. c. the email data base has great value which builds their site net worth. d. your clicking gives them advertising income. e. they attempt to sell you a product or service this makes them money. f. they redirect you to sites they own or have an affiliate partnership with this makes them money, g. they make dollars then give you a fractions of a penny for your contribution, this makes them a ton of money. This leaves you making everyone but yourself the big money…You frequented YouTube and built value for them, how much of the $1.6 billion did you get? At the NBC Business Club every time you do any of the above you will help earn income for yourself, the club and all its members.
12. Just think of what a million members, 10 million members could do working together. A million members joining a site that pays $2 for each new referral would pay the club $2,000,000 dollars, multiply that be a thousand and thats just one opportunity; there are thousands. Think of the income if every club member ordered their big ticket Walmart items through the club then picked them up at the local store. If every time a member signed up for a credit card or ordered Dish TV this would mean 100’s of thousands time a year times $30-$40 dollars in income each time for our members. Million’s of member click one of our web sites think of the advertising revenue. Selling 1,000’s of affilate products. Understand the opportunities are as vast as the internet and unlimited and you would be part of all of it.
13. You should dream big, what is worse then wasting, your time, energy and money is your lose of confidence, you give up on your dreams and then you quit trying…that becomes your greatest loss.

JOIN THE NATIONAL BUSINESS CLUB, it’s your chance to be part of a revolutionary concept with members owning %50 of the club*. When you make money the the club makes money and everyone shares in the wealth. An opportunity to be a part of something exciting and new, an opportunity to tell everyone that you don’t just make money, make friends or have fun at the club but that you also own it. If your happy with what your are doing and you believe your only worth a fraction of a cent for your time and energy then you shouldn’t join, for everyone else I believe that this is a chance of a lifetime. Your chance to work at home, get the support you need, get rich and membership is FREE.

The National Business Club is in it’s earliest stage of developement if you want more information email. or leave a comment here.
Contributing article by cj almeida

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Marketing – 6 Strategies You Need To Internalize In Order To Succeed.

From the Desk of cj almeida – CEO World News US

You’re starting your own network marketing business and you’re exposing people to your company’s opportunity. Let me share with you a few concepts that will dramatically increase your chances for success. You should take the time to learn, understand and teach these to your team leaders and recruits. I’ll share 6 simple, but powerful, concepts that will help you during your journey of building a successful business.

Before I share those concepts…

It is extremely important when you start that you have a plan, be flexible, stay positive and have the right attitude. There will be many peaks and valleys and you should accept this as a being part of the process. For example, you may spend weeks or months with a recruit only to realize he’s not cutout for your business. When these things happen it’s important that you stay focused and positive and train everyone to react this way. Without the proper mindset, you will have little to no chance of succeeding.

1. Recruit from the top down, but don’t neglect anybody; identify people that already have a thread of success in their background. Those are the people that you need to recruit early on. They have the most credibility, knowledge and will help grow the business faster. Surround yourself with a few good team leaders for a much greater chance of success.

2. You can provide ideas, training, tools, motivation and support, but you can’t supply desire, sustained motivation, dreams and work ethic. Find people who are motivated to go after their own dreams and goals. People that you have to motivate over and over will probably fail in the long run. I’m not saying to give up on them; just don’t spend so much time with them that you don’t have time to manage and grow your business.

3. Keep things simple; The simpler the process the easier it is for everyone to duplicate and the faster you can grow your business. Also the simpler the process the larger the pool of available recruits; anyone can do easy only a few can do difficult.

4. Manage and lead by example; spent most of your time managing and training your best people and leaders. Your leaders will learn what to do and what not to do by doing and gaining experience. Let the leaders do the micro-managing of their people. Invest your time organizing the business, sponsoring new people and acquiring new customers. By not micro-managing and dealing with every small problem you can concentrate on the long term plan and maintain a better attitude.

5. Stay flexible; business and the world are continuously changing; be ready to take advantages of these changes to better position your organization for growth and opportunity. Studies show that originations that adjust to change quickly are the most successful and profitable.

6. Develop an attitude of action in your organization; everyone must understand that success is like a journey, you only get there by taking individual steps. You can’t wait for something to happen; every day everyone needs to take actions that move them closer to their goal. If you don’t develop an attitude of action as an organization, you won’t succeed.

In conclusion…

These strategies, when practiced, will dramatically increase your chances of succeeding. Network Marketing requires that you know how to recruit, train, market and generate leads, but without the proper strategies and attitude you will only get minimal results growing your business.

By cj almeida

World News US

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