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The Forex Trader

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Life of a currency day-trader, with 30 years experience.
His system: this is millions of $dollars worth of free advice.
I only trades one pair EUR/USD, get to know the pair in
your sleep, keep it simple the more complex the greater
your chances of losing your money.
Remember the 90/90/90 rule, (90% of the people lose 90% of
their money in 90 days) the truth is they lose 100% of their money.
They let you open accounts with $500, $1000, $5000 don’t be
stupid you have no chance, just send me the money at least
some good will come of it.
I trade on experience only, no charts, no trends, or experts
I follows general world news information, I’m a contrarian
by nature…you have to understand for a few  people to make
$millions many have to lose 10’s of $thousands.
You can’t start small if you don’y have $100k, earn and learn
until you have it, once you open a $100,000 account you only
trade $5-10K of it at first, if you can’t make money…put your
money in a mutual fund.
For example right this moment at 6:20 Dallas time 12/11/2018,
the market is flat no movement, seems the current opinion is
buy the dollar. I don’t care what happens tomorrow all I care
about is tonight before the NY market opens tomorrow morning,
I bought 2000 contract eur at 113.19
Notice my leverage is 1:100, I could be trading 1:400,  but I won’t
I don’t like the risk.
I don’t use stops, I use sound alerts sometimes, trade an hour
trade 6 but if you can’t watch your trades…don’t trade, remember
there is a market 5 days a week for 24 hours a day and it will be there
the rest of your life.

Finally there is nothing that can make you more money than currency trading…nothing comes even close.

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