Destination Costa Rica

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Why Costa Rica

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What is priceless about Costa Rica is it’s charm, it’s food, it’s people, its beautiful lush rain forests, abundance wildlife and it’s unspoiled beaches. A country with scenic diversity, and breathtaking landscapes; within the span of a few days you can visit the active volcanoes, zip-line through the lush rain forests and then surf, snorkel or swim in the warm turquoise waters of the many undiscovered white pristine sandy beaches. For most visitors Costa Rica is a compact but diverse tropical paradise but for others, this small Latin American country has a different appeal, it’s a relaxed way of life; local residents often recite the catchphrase “pura vida” (or “pure life”) and it lives up to every meaning of that phrase. Costa Rica’s modern cosmopolitan capital of San José is located approximately in the center of the country between both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

San JoséFile:Costa Rica - San José 29 - Musée de l'Or précolombien.JPG
I understand why many visitors say you can’t vacation or travel just once to this paradise, you will either keep coming back or eventually decide to stay. Come and see for yourself this paradise where even if your not rich you can still enjoy all the free benefits of the rich life…the “pure life”, come experience Costa Rica.

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