Letters from the Ukraine

written by Emma 21

Hello texz !) You know ?? Nothing ever compares to the sweetness of a kiss. Only your beloved lips. The most favorite, delicious, enticing, soft, tender .. most-most. Lips, to which want to stretch uncontrollably, lips that you want to lust to, lips that you want to passionately drink. And, no matter how much time has passed, everything will be in memory, as if it were a couple of seconds ago. You merge into a single kiss, savoring every second. At first, gently, timidly, afraid of damaging this fragile world of scarlet attraction, then more and more insistently, losing in time, continue to try this most delicious delicacy in the world and end up in a fierce pressure, biting the lower lip, coming in contact with the tongue, like cotton candy. And you understand that these lips – there are no equal. This is sweetest dream. Through kisses everything is transferred – your feelings, your emotions, your mood, your attitude. Sometimes you do not have to say – one kiss can show and prove everything. A woman feels this very well. And the first sign of dying love is the absence of kisses….But I am sure all be a good ! Just my thoughts… here on a paper… Hope you like it !) SO ?? wish you a good day! And your answer back! lol


Emma is a 21 year old girl who lives in Kiev, Ukraine. We are both on the same dating site, My only contact with her is when she sent me this letter; I thought that it was beautiful, especially considering her youth and her limited knowledge of the English language. I thought I would share it with the rest of the world. Emma 21, is single, a college graduate working in the medical field and looking for love. Lets hope some man is smart enough to grab her, based on this letter she seems to me to be a real catch.

PS. texz is my site name.

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