Letters from the Ukraine…The Kiss

written by cj

inspired by a letter written by Emma 21

The kiss

Women know that often everything is revealed in that first moment of the first kiss,
the memory of that kiss can remind her or bind her…for an eternity.
The sweetest…she knows that through kisses everything is transferred; your feelings,
your emotions, your mood, your attitude.
Sometimes you do not have to say a word to her; a kiss can prove or disprove everything.
A woman knows; that the first sign of dying love is that which is revealed in a kiss.
or in the absence of the kiss.
A  man will think and say it was just a kiss,
think that he can hide his transgressions, feelings or emotions.
When he steals a kiss from another…that his kiss was just a kiss,
but a woman will know, so foolish of him but she understands…that a man is just a man.

Cj World News US


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