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BAM: “By All Means”

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story by cj
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The “BAM” movement represents all the economically disadvantaged people or groups in the world. We believe that economic disadvantaged people regardless of race, color, religion or nationality should unite in a revolution…a movement. Governments of the world have shown by their actions that they represent big money, businesses and their own self interests and that they are willing to disregard the best interests of the average citizen. The people regardless whether they are Black, Spanish, Chinese, Indian, Jewish, Russian or White are all equally mistreated and face prejudices and injustices of all kinds during their lifetime. This revolution is about the disadvantaged, socially-conscious and fair-minded individuals everywhere in the world who are sworn to forever represent, unity, equality and empowerment for all persons or groups “BY ANY MEANS” (BAM).

This is a grassroots movement started in the United States in April 2018. We will start by defining and addressing american issues. the BAM movement is about uniting all economically disadvantaged minorities into one minority group. We believe that we represent 90 to 110 million Americans, we believe that if we were to unite as a group we would have the power to enact any law and elect any individual to any office. We understand that many issues are complicated, but we also understand that politicians and government intentionally create fear and make things complicated; in an attempt to scare, divide, confuse and distribute disinformation. We will define and address the basic issues in a way that 8th graders can understand. The Obama Health Care Bill had more than 20,000 pages; a few pages could have defined the major changes to the health care system and the “Health Bill”.

The first item to be addressed by BAM is wages. The minimum wage is the number one way that the rich steal from the worker, the number one way that the rich get richer and the number one reason for disproportional wealth and so much poverty in america. The united states government is the facilitator of all this disparity. We will eliminate the term “Minimum Wage” and replace it with the term “Fair Wage”. We believe that a “Fair Wage” should be a constitutional right for every individual, but we are not fools; if it becomes impossible to make a change to the constitution at this time, we will accept making “Fair Wage” Federal law. WE define a Fair Wage in April 2018, as the $15.00 hourly wage that Seattle and California have enacted; we believe this wage to be a fair definition of a “Fair Wage” at this time. This fair wage would apply to every american, no exclusion for fruit picked, bellhops or servers, “0” exclusion regardless of the job.

Some say “This will ruin the economy and the country”, it hasn’t, it won’t and who cares, quit your job and work for $7.25 (the currant min wage) an hour for a year and then give me your opinion. Even better become a server and work for $2.25 an hour and see how you feel after a year. Servers work under a law enacted in 1933 to help save the mom and pop restaurant during the depression, here we are in 2018 and they are still working under this unfair law. Talk about cheating american workers and showing a disregard for four million working Americans and their families. This is unacceptable and abusive even by Chinese or Russian standards.

Check out this site for official information:  According to the National Employment Law Project, 42.4 percent of American workers currently make less than $15 an hour. There are around 1.4 million janitors and cleaners who earn below that mark, 1.2 million drivers, 1 million secretaries and administrative assistants, and 699,000 child care workers. Notice that 4 million servers the larges group are not included in these numbers, not included in the 42.2 percent of american working under $15 an hour. Dept of labor estimates the us work force to be approx 160,000,000, these numbers do not include 20,000.000 others workers; to include illegals, workers working off the books, crop pickers and many working on the internet.




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Letters from the Ukraine…The Kiss

written by cj

inspired by a letter written by Emma 21

The kiss

Women know that often everything is revealed in that first moment of the first kiss,
the memory of that kiss can remind her or bind her…for an eternity.
The sweetest…she knows that through kisses everything is transferred; your feelings,
your emotions, your mood, your attitude.
Sometimes you do not have to say a word to her; a kiss can prove or disprove everything.
A woman knows; that the first sign of dying love is that which is revealed in a kiss.
or in the absence of the kiss.
A  man will think and say it was just a kiss,
think that he can hide his transgressions, feelings or emotions.
When he steals a kiss from another…that his kiss was just a kiss,
but a woman will know, so foolish of him but she understands…that a man is just a man.

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Real Dream Girls: available for marriage.

story by cj

It’s like a rich Gold discovery but a thousand times more interesting and amazing!! Gorgeous women available for love, but no men. I’m just amazed that in a time of so much information, that a situation like this could exist and be kept such a secret. I have recently found a place where women outnumber men by about 20%, a place where their culture teaches women that love, marriage, children and family are their greatest fulfillment, but 20 out of every 100 women cannot fulfill their life’s dream. These are modern women living in a modern western society, women who are well educated, stylish, beautiful, smart, fun and interesting. Just think of it, a place where women don’t care that your 10 years older or 20 lbs overweight, your looks and age aren’t a priority with them, right now if you’re a guy who treats a women with a little honesty and respect, you will find yourself in a candy shop full of beautiful women vying for your attention. Good news for American men, these women prefer you over men of any other nationality and because of the present times and politics many women prefer you over their own available countrymen. Never in my lifetime have I seen such beautiful, classy women available to average guys. Nurses, teachers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, models, actresses, women of every profession, many college educated who will outclass you in every way, women who are ready to fall in love, marry and make you their priority; not wealth, possessions, their jobs or social life. Like any great discovery I predict that once the word gets out the most beautiful and classiest of these girls will be taken very quickly and I believe that the average American man will never again have an opportunity like this.

I have intentionally not revealed the location, or more specific information. My plan is to research, photograph and spend a few months on location, if you have any questions or comments leave them here.

Look for further articles and or YouTube videos.

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Letters from the Ukraine

written by Emma 21

Hello texz !) You know ?? Nothing ever compares to the sweetness of a kiss. Only your beloved lips. The most favorite, delicious, enticing, soft, tender .. most-most. Lips, to which want to stretch uncontrollably, lips that you want to lust to, lips that you want to passionately drink. And, no matter how much time has passed, everything will be in memory, as if it were a couple of seconds ago. You merge into a single kiss, savoring every second. At first, gently, timidly, afraid of damaging this fragile world of scarlet attraction, then more and more insistently, losing in time, continue to try this most delicious delicacy in the world and end up in a fierce pressure, biting the lower lip, coming in contact with the tongue, like cotton candy. And you understand that these lips – there are no equal. This is sweetest dream. Through kisses everything is transferred – your feelings, your emotions, your mood, your attitude. Sometimes you do not have to say – one kiss can show and prove everything. A woman feels this very well. And the first sign of dying love is the absence of kisses….But I am sure all be a good ! Just my thoughts… here on a paper… Hope you like it !) SO ?? wish you a good day! And your answer back! lol


Emma is a 21 year old girl who lives in Kiev, Ukraine. We are both on the same dating site, My only contact with her is when she sent me this letter; I thought that it was beautiful, especially considering her youth and her limited knowledge of the English language. I thought I would share it with the rest of the world. Emma 21, is single, a college graduate working in the medical field and looking for love. Lets hope some man is smart enough to grab her, based on this letter she seems to me to be a real catch.

PS. texz is my site name.

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