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Writing, art, photography, life and a teacher…

by cj world news us

As far back as I can remember I’ve had an interest in being creative and art. My first major project was doing all the art work for my senior yearbook. I’ve been writing, designing, drawing, painting and taking photos before and since; in addition digital art, games and virtual worlds, have all been hobbies and interests of mine since the late 90’s. It’s impossible to write this and not remember Mrs. Gerwitz my high school art teacher who encouraged my art talents and believed in me. Mr. Gantz my high school English teacher who instilled in me an appreciation for literature and writing. Mr. Cook my high school history teacher who nurtured my interests for life, the world, history, exploration and freedom.

To my joy my daughter is now a high school math teacher and if all the teachers are like her; the future of our kids are in great hands. From time to time we hear how a teacher was influential in shaping a child’s life; you can imagine how lucky I was to have had three such teachers in mine.


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