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Bashing the United States

The problems in the US are not unique…every country faces most of these problems. What is unique is that the US has been and will continue to be the main force in the shaping of this world. The people that criticize the US should instead tell the world what they and their country are doing to make the World a better place. I am often critical of our government but never of The United States as a Nation. The one thing that makes this country great is the it is you; Chinese, Indian, Arad, Mexican, South American, African, British, Polish, German, Jewish, Italian, French, Brazilian, Greek, Russian, Portuguese and 100’s of different nations that make up its citizens.  You left your countries came to America and stayed, because you knew that you were better off and this was where you wanted to live and raise your families.

Unlike president Bush or many politicians; I don’t believe that the world or the Arab world in particular wants an American style democracy. But if you have been watching the news you can see that the uprising in Egypt, Syria, Libya and other Arab countries prove that the Arab people and the young in particular are ready for an Arab world that resembles democracy much more then it resemble the present Arab governments. Most people want to have a country that is part of the world community, at peace, where the people have freedom to speak, a free press, an internet without censorship, opportunity, education, employment and a sense that they have control of their destiny; without threats or tyranny from their government.

Often in gatherings and on the internet I hear people criticize the US and give critical opinions. In the vast majority of cases these opinions are given without the author having the facts or bothering to look at the whole picture. A while back there was a game; they would start you off with a letter or two and ask you to solve the 12 letter answer; rarely could the right answer be given without a lot more letters and information, an opinion without research, facts and information is worthless…In My Opinion 🙂

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Article by Sarra Foxx

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