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Eliminate Face Wrinkles and Look 10 Years Younger!

Wrinkles might not be so bad if they didn’t reveal our age to every individual we come across. Sure, you may feel as if you are still twenty years old on the inside, but when you look in the mirror, because of those wrinkles you have on your face, you feel your age, if not older than what you really are. There are various techniques that are used in order to eliminate face wrinkles and that is what we are going to discuss with you in the paragraphs below.

There is a natural extract that will boost the elastin and collagen levels in your skin. This will help to improve the firmness and elasticity of your skin, which in turns, is going to fade those wrinkles and fine lines.

You should understand that these wrinkles are formed due to the lack of collagen and elastin, two important skin proteins that diminish as you age. Improving the tone and texture of your skin is only possible if you are able to produce a high level of these essential proteins.

Depending on the product you use, it will also it will be possible to stimulate a high production of collagen and elastin, but you must find a product that contain specially formulated ingredients that has the ability to do this. One known substance that has been proven effective is Cynergy TK. This is a natural substance known for its ability to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in your body. This will lead to a reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles and it will also tone and firm sagging skin

When you are looking for a product, it would be a good idea for you to find one that has powerful antioxidants in it. The antioxidants in it can help nourish your skin through all of the layers, which will get rid of those free radicals that are damaging those healthy cells.

As you are trying to eliminate face wrinkles it is also important that you stay hydrated. You need to drink your full serving of water each day. Your body is also going to benefit from all of the water. When you are looking for a good wrinkle cream, you should also look for the ingredient known as Phytessence Wakame. This is an ingredient that comes from a special type of sea kelp. It will help bring the elasticity back along with the firmness. Remember to do your research before you buy, it will help save time and money.

Contributing article by Ingrid Palmer

World News US


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Make your Ex fall in Love with you again.

When he has told you he wants to end the relationship and you see the man you love walk away, it is the loneliest you will ever feel. Your heart is broken and your dreams of a happy future are smashed to bits. You feel you can never be happy again. But, you can use the power of reverse psychology to make him fall in love with you again.

No matter how bad things look at the present, you can turn things around and have your ex boyfriend begging you to take him back. That seems impossible to you now because you were taken by surprise and have not had time to think. Once you get a grip on your emotions, you can do the same things to him that he has done to you. This is not a way of getting revenge, it is a way of getting your ex back.

The power of reverse psychology will overwhelm your ex boyfriend and have him desiring you more than ever before. It is simply using male psychology to make him see he cannot live without you. To do that, you will have to take yourself completely out of his life and have no contact with your ex boyfriend in any way. This will take him by surprise the same as his breaking up with you took you by surprise. That is because in a way you will be dumping him.

When he broke up with you, your ex was expecting you to chase him and try everything to get him back. He was also set to reject and hurt you some more. But, you are not going to give him the chance to hurt you again. You are going to ignore him and act as if you are fine with the breakup and you are moving on. Pick up your life as it was before you met him. Spend time with your family and go out with your friends.

When your ex boyfriend sees you are not going to try to get him back, he will be confused. He thought you loved him, but now you act like you are over him already. This will bruise his ego and hurt his pride. He will feel you are rejecting him and men have a hard time accepting rejection. He will realize that he made a big mistake when he thought you would cry and beg him to come back.

This puts your ex boyfriend in the same place you were at the time of the breakup. He is stunned and hurt because he feels you don’t want him anymore. He wants you back, but his male pride will not let him beg. Your ex knows that to get you back, he will have to contact you in some way. He will be afraid to call because he doesn’t want you to hang up on him. But, in the end he will have to swallow his pride and ask you to forgive him. That is how the power of reverse psychology works to get your ex back fast.

Contributing article by H. L. Archer

World News US

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Boost Your Confidence to Reach Your Dream!

If you are trying to achieve your dream than you will need to boost your confidence. Nobody starts to achieve without being self assured enough to know that they can, or will, make it.

You will need to take a step back and look at yourself dispassionately. Have a look at your strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths will show you how far you have come already. The problem is that we don’t always recognize our strengths even when we see them. We focus on our weaknesses – it’s human nature.

But, by stepping back, you can look at your strengths and start to be justly proud of your achievements wherever you are already.

Strengths may include:

– the bringing up of a family

– gaining a qualification

– being a good listener

– being a good organizer

– being supportive and empathetic

– always paying off debt

– having some sporting ability

– being knowledgeable

There are so many more that it would be impossible to list them all. But each of us will have a set of strengths. This is especially so if you have gone through a period of adversity or upset. As someone once said “what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger.”

If you are unable to recognize and accept your current strengths then how will you do so in the future? Your ability to pay more than lip service to your developments will give you the added confidence to move on and into a more challenging world knowing that you have the will and means to succeed.

Contributing article by Dr. Mark Clayson

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Pousadas of Portugal

Portugal is a gorgeous country, one in which many area have changed little since colonization, creating a fabulous blend of modern culture in a setting that is truly historic. So many Pousadas of Portugal, or luxury Portuguese hotel accommodations, take advantage of the prevalent gorgeous architecture to create a magical and otherworldly experience for hotel guests. Today we check out the architectural styles that dominate in Portugal’s luxury hotels, to give you a little background and information to underlie the magic!

Romanesque Buildings
In the 11th century, Portugal was just finding its feet as its own nation-state. Burgundian knights and monks travelling from France brought their Romanesque architectural sensibilities to Pousadas of Portugal in this time, but mostly to the cathedrals of Lisbon, Coimbra, Braga and Porto. The crenellated facades that you see on day trips away from your luxury Portuguese hotel accommodation were built into cathedrals in order to defend against the Moors and the Castilians.

Gothic Buildings
Ornate decorations, large monasteries and ancient, fascinating tombs are the places you’ll find Gothic architecture from the 13th and 14th centuries… as well as in your Portuguese luxury hotel accommodation. To get a feel for the elements of Gothic architecture, check out the Batalha Monastery, the cathedral in Guarda, Alcobaca Monastery and the ruins of Carmo Church in Lisbon.

These can be built with various architectural features on the inside, but are mostly a style unto themselves. Many Pousadas of Portugal are set up inside castles, featuring solid double perimeter walls and inner square towers made just for feeling like a real princess!

Manueline Buildings
This ornate and imposing architectural style has quite a heavy nautical leaning, utilizing motifs of rope, coral, anchors, etc. The Church of Jesus in Setubal was one of the foremost Manueline buildings in Portugal – you’ll be able to tell if your Pousada of Portugal is a Manueline style building through the presence of ropes, life buoys, coral, fish, nautical stripes, ships wheels and anchor motifs throughout the facades and decorations.

Baroque Buildings
If you’re travelled throughout the rest of Europe, or even in London or America, you’ll probably recognize the Baroque-style luxury Portuguese Hotel accommodation as much more familiar than the earlier styles. Woodcarving was a popular architectural technique, and abundant wealth meant that much of it was plated with Brazilian gold… true decadence.

Vernacular Buildings
These are usually stone-built houses painted in vivid colors – the style is named vernacular because it differs so much across the country according to the building materials that are available. Whitewashing with yellow or blue doors and windows is common in the South of Portugal, and though in their original form these were the ordinary houses of villagers and peasantry, in modern times many of them have been converted (though they retain some of their original architectural motifs) into truly luxury Portuguese hotel accommodation.

Contributing article by Chris Robertson

World News US

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