10 Ways To Acquire Quality Followers on Twitter

Let’s first define a quality twitter follower:

  • They follows back
  • They engages and participate
  • They have a full bios.
  • They are a positive influence

Here are the 10 ways to find and keep quality followers on twitter…

  1. Use people’s first name when direct messaging; don’t use automatic direct messages.
  2. Get to know people before you talk about money or personal matters.
  3. Don’t just promote yourself; promote others that promote you.
  4. Be helpful and answer questions.
  5. Contact by phone or meet face to face to build even stronger relationships.
  6. Treat tweeters as if you were meeting them in person; be friendly, genuine and use humor.
  7. Provide informative and relevant links
  8. Acknowledge other people’s successes and accomplishments.
  9. Follow people who have a common interest and those your followers follow.
  10. Be sociable, don’t complain or get angry.


If you are using twitter, facebook or any other social network, for network marketing or other business purposes, it is important that you study, understand and then apply these practices. Be friendly, genuine, use real-life common sense and humor to build your network eminence. These strategies, when practiced, will dramatically increase your chances of succeeding and becoming wealthy.

Contributing article by cj almeida

World News US


  1. #1 by Social James on December 15, 2011 - 6:23 pm

    This is exactly the information I was looking for. Thanks a lot for posting!

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