The simple truth

There is a tendency in our society to make things complicated, it’s the American way. If you can keep people confused then the experts or businesses in that field can expand their products or services and make a bigger profit. It’s all about the profits, the quarterly bottom line dummy. For example take dieting, you have 100’s of different programs, the diet information is so confusing that most people are so confused that they spent tons of money running around in circles, change programs often and accomplish nothing. The proof of this is that 50% of all Americans are still overweight, despite an industry that has been growing leaps and bounds claiming to be interested in solving the weight problem.

Yet the answer to loosing weight is simple; consume fewer calories then you burn each day and exercise a little. What is the confusion in seeing the simple truth? 

Why is it that we as a society choose to believe in complicated theory’s and seem unable or unwilling to accept the simple truth? Is it that we choose to believe that things are complicated because in doing so we make it easier to justify to our selves our failures? Is it that we are bombarded by so much confusing advertising that the truth becomes hidden in the smoke screen?

Businesses often claim how savvy the consumer is, this is clearly just an attempt to massage the consumer ego, anyone buying a big ticket item, health insurance, a vehicle or home would have to be brain dead to believe that they are treated as a savvy consumer or with full disclosure, truthful advertising, honesty or respect. The simple truth is that businesses place priority in self interest, business interest, their family, profits and then the consumer.

The free market system justifies this system of confusion by claiming it provides jobs, expands the economy and makes it possible for our industries, to expand, make larger profits, thus creating more jobs. If you believe in this argument then you have to agree the more you mislead/screw the consumer and each other the better off all Americans will be.

Contributing article by cj almeida
World News US
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