Tall Women, Short Men – Why They’re a Good Match

Are you a short man yet likes tall women? Or are you a tall woman who likes a short man? Either way, can you think of reasons as to why you like the exact opposite height of you? A woman who’s really tall has a lot of issues to face. One would be the choice of wardrobe. Being tall, she only has limited clothes to wear. A blazer may not go to the bottom of her arms. Skirts, shorts and pants will always come shorter than they preferred. A woman who is 5’10” in height have some problems meeting a guy their height or taller than them. It’s either they are taken, gay or would rather date women who are petite. Sometimes, women who are extremely tall would just secretly wish they were short. On the other hand, short men would exactly feel the opposite. Either way, both have difficulties in finding a partner worth keeping.

Don’t worry; there are couples wherein the girl is taller than the guy. To some, it may look ridiculous that there is the tall women-short men tandem. That’s because it is socially accepted to have the guy taller than the girl. But did you know, the tall women-short men tandems are considered the perfect match? Here are the reasons as to why tall women, short men are compatible with each other.

Reason # 1 They complement each other.

Black and white looks good together. There’s the good and evil, the yin and yang. Take a look at the examples and they are extremely the opposite yet they complement each other. The same goes with the tall and short combination. A tall girl is able to fill up the missing part that a short guy can’t.

Reason # 2 They see pass the physical characteristic of one another.

What’s great about the tall women-short men tandems is that they don’t mind the physical trait of a person. They look at what’s inside the heart rather than the physical outlook of a person. A tall girl would rather choose a short guy with big heart rather than a tall guy who’s really a jerk. It is safe to say that they love each other not because of how each one looks but rather what their attitudes are.

Reason # 3 Short men have more compact sex appeal.

There are a lot of tall women-short men tandems. The most famous couple would be Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Tom Cruise is 5 ft. and 7 inches in height and Katie Holmes is 5ft. and 9 inches. They have a gap of two inches. Katie loves Tom because of his steaming sex appeal to which she hasn’t found in other guys.

Reason # 4 Short men are more grateful and humble.

If you want a guy who isn’t an airhead or a total jack-ass then go for short guys. Short guys are grateful, down-to-earth, humble and more well-mannered. The famous singer Rod Stewart who is only 5 ft. and 10 inches tall married model Penny Lancaster who is 6 ft. and 3 inches tall because of his genuine heart. She claims that even though he’s short, he has the qualities she wants in a man. She has been dating taller guys yet they’re not the kind of men she would want to bring home and to meet her parents.

Contributing article byTina L. Jones

World News US


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