How to Seduce an Older Man…

Sometimes age does not matter at all; especially if you find yourself falling hard for a guy because of his looks, personality and ways! There are plenty of ways you can seduce an older man. If you are willing and bold enough, perhaps you can try out these tactics.

Put him at ease
Don’t make him feel uncomfortable and foolish when he is with you. His first reaction will naturally be – “don’t even think of dating her – she’s too young!” However if you play your cards right he might just forget about the difference in your ages and pursue you. Put him at ease and make him attracted to the type of person you are.

Don’t make him feel like a cradle snatcher
Try not to dress in a manner that makes you look like a teenager. If you look and act like someone who is obviously too young for him, he will avoid you even if he is attracted to you. This is because he is afraid to look ridiculous chasing a woman who is very young. Dress and behave in a mature manner.

Don’t look anything less than impeccable
Take time to notice every little thing about him. Most probably he will be extremely elegant and well dressed. This should tell you that you have better chances of seducing him if you are impeccably dressed and poised! Your elegant look and sophisticated manner will make him more eager to know you better.

Plant yourself in an exciting position to pick him up
For heaven’s sake don’t try to pick him up in a sport’s bar! The game will take his attention from you within seconds! Remember – you don’t know how addicted he is to it! It is much easier to get his attention if you are a beautiful single woman draped over the bar in a classy restaurant! Lock eyes, smile and use every little trick in the book to seduce him.

Flirt playfully with him
Once you know how, all you have to do is play by the rules. As long as you don’t look too easy, he is bound to fall for your playful flirting. Make him excited at the prospect of being seduced by a younger woman. Before you know it he will be aching to prove his masculine virility!

Make him feel sexy and attractive
The more sexy and attractive you make him feel the easier it will be for you to seduce him. As he is older than you, he will feel extremely flattered to think that a young gorgeous female like you is hitting on him. While you do your best to make him feel sexy, make sure you don’t make it too easy for him!

Be subtle rather than aggressive
Because he is older, he is bound to be wary of a woman who throws herself at him. Don’t be too aggressive or obvious. You would definitely embarrass him and put him off you if you are too blatant with your flirting. Be subtle and make him guess about your intentions and invitations.

Contributing article by Krista Hiles

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