Photography, as a hobby or professional.

Photography is a great hobby and an amazing and fun skill to learn. Taking great pictures however will take some time and experience but like everything in life keep practicing and you will improve your skills. If you enjoy taking photo’s be patient and keep taking pictures; with today’s digital cameras it doesn’t cost anything to take hundreds of pictures. The more pictures you take the better you will understand lighting and composition and the quicker you will improve your skills. Not only is photography something that can be impressive and fun but it is also one hobby which can be a great moneymaker.

If you are interested in photography here are a few tips:

1. Taking great pictures is not about the camera but about your skills as a photographer.

2. Learn how to use your camera, at first keep the camera in the automatic mode but as you gather skills and understanding start experimenting with specific manual settings you will find yourself taking better pictures.

3. Lighting is the most important element in photography it is important that you know where to position yourself in relation to a light source to be able to get the best photo. For example don’t ever shoot a subject who has his back to the light, if you do you will get a dark photo. On the other hand if you wanted the dark photo effect that would be the best way to achieve that look.

4. Use the macro mode and shoot miniature items or close-ups of any object, this will be helpful in learning to take more diversified and better photos.

5. Practice using a tripod and other stable platforms to get better focus and sharper quality photographs.

6. Use rapid shoot and shoot a lot of sports, action and moving subjects. Don’t worry about getting the perfect shot just take a lot of photos, later you can sort and identify the best ones.

7. Practice editing your photo’s, making short film clips, adding music etc. This will develop your confidence as a photographer and introduce you to film making.

8. Once you have developed the your skills it’s time to start having even more fun by buying one the newer SLR cameras that take professional photos and HD video.

Once you have developed the skills and have a quality camera; your hobby will not only be more fun and interesting but will also open you up to a world of unlimited possibilities, as a photographer, photojournalist or filmmaker.

By cj almeida
World News US

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